Reach Truck SRX14/16

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Capacity: 1400 / 1600 kg @ 600mm load center


SRX14 1400 kg
SRX14 1600 kg

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Are you looking for a solid reach truck and have high expectations?

We have the answer: CLARK’s SRX Reach Truck – including a wide range of standard configurations.

With high travel speed being standard (up to 14 km/h), support arm brake not subject to wear and tear and top safety features, CLARK reach trucks of the SRX series optimize productivity at your warehouse. The robust, reliable and high-performance reach truck by the inventor of the forklift was designed to meet even the highest expectations for the most sophisticated purposes.

Comprehensive standard configuration

The SRX series has a number of standard configuration details enhancing safety and productivity when the equipment is in use:

  • No-wear support arm brake
  • Tilting Fork carriage
  • High travel speed (up to 14 km/h)
  • Upright with CLARK upright damping
  • Electronic 180° or 360° steering
  • Support arm rollers with protective guards
  • Lateral battery removal via rollers
  • Battery feed for easy maintenance

Why support arm brakes?

  • 20% shorter braking distance due to support arm brakes as standard
  • Shorter braking distance = improved safety
  • Fast deceleration from up to 14 km/h travel speed in the warehouse, improves stock movement and improves safety.

Maximum visibility

  • The overhead guard safety bars are in alignment with the driver’s line of sight
  • Perfect visibility through the upright due to particularly wide upright bars
  • Laterally rotated centre cylinder

Ergonomics and driver’s compartment

  • Adjustable comfort seat
  • Boarding height of only 380 mm due to low foot step
  • Sensitive electric steering Adjustable Steering wheel position.
  • Useful storage compartment

Easy safe handling

  • Mini¬levers or mono¬joystick
  • Hydraulics functions controllable simultaneously
  • 180° or 360° steering
  • Deceleration when cornering
  • Spacious and excellent visibility

Productivity and energy efficiency

  • Customised programming of operation to suit all applications
  • Maximum adjustment to each work situation
  • Large clear operators display
  • All settings and functions at a glance – adjustable without special software


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