Lithium four-wheel forklift GEX16-20s

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Available with lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion) or lead-acid battery
Capacity: 1600 – 2000 kg @ 500 mm load center

GEX 16/18/20s

GEX 16 1600 kg – GEX 18 1800 kg
GEX 20s 2000 kg

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Manoeuvrable power house ensures high performance with low operating costs

With the CLARK electric forklift GEX16-20s in 48 Volt technology, you can move your loads in a safe and efficient way at extremely low operating costs. The CLARK electric forklifts are used in all applications where it is important to achieve maximum performance reliably and cost-efficiently with an intuitive operating concept day after day. For intensive applications and multi-shift operations, these trucks are even available with lithium-ion power.

Our safety features:

  • Highly visible orange safety seat belt
  • Automatic neutral position of the direction if the seat belt buckle is not closed
  • Blue LED warning lights
  • CLARK SafeView@360 camera system, so that the driver has everything in view around the truck
  • When leaving the truck, the hydraulic functions are automatically deactivated
  • CLARK ramp function prevents unintentional acceleration or rolling back on ramps
  • Hydraulic accumulators ensure that loads are prevented from bouncing on uneven ground

CLARK Lithium-Ion Power: Costs Down – Power On

Modern lithium-ion technology in perfect combination with cost-efficient trucks and a wide range of additional optional equipment to customize the forklifts is only available from CLARK! The result: When you invest in a GTX or GEX with a lithium-ion battery, you are choosing the best solution by far. It pays to switch to a counterbalance truck with a modern clean energy source. Thanks to ultra-fast charging times and zero maintenance, the lithium-ion forklifts can be used almost without a break. The power of the battery is always fully available, as lithium-ion batteries do not show any signs of fatigue. In addition, the service life of lithium-ion batteries is significantly longer than that of the lead-acid battery.

Make use of the advantages of CLARKs Li-Ion batteries

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery with 460 Ah
  • Short charging time thanks to a 48 volt (160 A) charger
  • Double service life and maintenance-free batteries
  • Opportunity charging is possible at any time
  • No battery change required
  • Various charging points can be installed directly where the unit is used, as
  • no ventilated charging room is required

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