Electric low lift pallet truck PPXS20

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Platform version
Capacity: 2000 kg


PPX(S)20 2000 kg

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Whether it is for loading or unloading trucks or heavy-duty material transportation in the warehouse, the CLARK PPX(S)20 series is designed for heavy-duty operation and can be equipped with batteries up to 500 Ah. In addition, two- and three-shift operations are possible due to the optional lateral battery removal.

Features and benefits

High travel speed

  • Speed of 8.5 km/h with the PPX20 and 12 km/h with the PPXS20 when the driver’s platform and lateral hoop guards are deployed ensure a high degree of productivity

Powerful 24 V AC drive motors

  • Powerful acceleration and high speed even when fully loaded

Strong batteries

  • Long performance due to battery capacities of up 500 Ah

Comfort and ergonomics

Power steering as a standard feature (PPXS20)

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering proportional to the steering angle
  • Reduces centrifugal power affecting the driver

Compact design

  • Excellent view of the fork tips
  • Easy operation in narrow spaces in pedestrian-operated mode (6 km/h) with raised platform

Ergonomic and safe tiller

  • Simple and fast implementation of control commands
  • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when tiller is released.

Automatic parking brake

  • Safe operation on slopes and ramps
  • Automatic parking brake is released when driving switch is activated

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