Electric four-wheel forklift GEX40-50

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Superelastic tires
Capacity: 4000 – 4990 kg @ 500 mm load center


GEX 40 4000 kg – GEX 45 4500 kg
GEX 50 4990 kg

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Safely move loads up to 5 tons – without noticing it.

Due to the built-in double primary cylinders with triplex uprights each driver has the best view of the forks and loads . The powerful electric forklifts of the GEX40-50 series move loads in a precise and controlled manner. Heavy loads are moved in a smooth action and with the best possible weight distribution without the distracting the driver from his/her task. Thus, drivers can focus on their work, work efficiently and safely during the entire shift.

Ergonomic and easy operation concept

  • Controlled driving due to easy vehicle operation
  • Automotive pedal layout
  • Easy entry due to low foot step
  • Entry and exit from both sides
  • Ergonomic positioning of the control levers on the hood
  • Optional: mini-lever control

Triplex uprights with 2 primary cylinders

  • Excellent view of the fork tips
  • Nested rail profiles
  • Low-noise lifting hydraulics
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Adjustable canted load rollers
  • Optimum load distribution
  • Robust 6 ¬roller fork carriage

Heavy duty AC drive motor

The twin 11.3 kW traction motors with parallel front wheel drive and 80 V three-phase AC technology lead to excellent acceleration and high final travel speed.

  • Enclosed motors
  • Few replacement parts
  • Overheat protection

Stable steering axle

  • When the steering system is operated, the vehicle can be driven with sensitive control due to the parallel front wheel drive

Speed regulation in curves

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering

Steering system

  • Depending on the steering angle, the speed and rotation of the front wheels are controlled such that excessive tyre wear is reduced

Productivity and energy efficiency

  • Customized programming of applications
  • Maximum adjustment to each work situation
  • Large clear display
  • All settings and functions at a glance—adjustable without special software

Easy maintenance

  • Easy access for servicing via rear panel
  • On-board diagnostics via error codes without sophisticated service tools

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