Clark Forklift with diesel or LPG drive GTS20-33

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GTS 20/25/30/33

GTS 20 2000 kg – GTS 25 2500 kg
GTS 30 3000 kg – GTS 33 3300 kg

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Diesel engine: HMC R2.2 incl. diesel particulate filter 47.8 kW

LPG engine: HMC 2,4 l incl. 3-way catalyser 48.7 kW


  • Low consumption and powerful acceleration
  • Durable thanks to timing chain
  • Environmentally friendly – meets EU emission stage 5
  • Low maintenance costs


The CLARK GTS series GTS20-33 impresses with its solid structure and top-quality components. This series is extremely stable and reliable due to its enclosed wet disc brakes and a gearbox in a separate construction. At the same time, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lowered significantly since downtime to maintain the brakes is minimized.

Braking response and power

Maintenance-free wet disc brakes (enclosed and oil-cooled) ensure optimized braking response. In comparison to drum brakes, this system requires 50% less force to safely and precisely decelerate the vehicle.

The power behind the punch

MMC¬PSI LPG engine (2.3 L, 51.6 kW)

  • Low-fuel high-performance industrial engine with PSI fuel system

Yanmar diesel engine (3.0 L, 34.2 kW)

  • Ensures high performance and torques with low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Strong acceleration and extraordinarily comfortable smooth driving
  • Meets emissions class IIIA

Isuzu diesel engine (2.1 L, 46 kW)

  • Meets emissions class IIIB
  • With DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst)

Controlled Driving + Ergonomic Control = Safe Driving Experience & Maximum Comfort

Robust upright and fork carriage structure

  • Maximum visibility
  • Nested rail profiles
  • Hydraulically damped lift cylinders
  • Quiet lifting hydraulics
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Adjustable canted load rollers
  • Optimum load distribution and low clearance
  • Robust 6¬roller fork carriage

Cab program

  • CLARK forklifts can be equipped with a comprehensive cab program
  • Additional equipment enables the operator to adjust the vehicle to various job conditions

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