Clark Forklift with diesel or LPG drive S40-55s

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S40s 4000kg – S45s 4500kg – S50s 5000kG @ 500mm LC

S50s 5000kg – S55s 5500kg @ 600mm LC

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No matter what kind of challenge your application requires, your forklift trucks should not only be reliable, but also offer advantages in terms of productivity and safety, as well as costs. With the CLARK S-Series, we are meeting all your demands perfectly. The series is characterised by a robust ergonomic design and is made for a reliable and powerful operation at low operating and maintenance costs. The S-Series offers you a smart solution for material handling needs that will inspire you. In short, this Series is SMART, STRONG and SAFE.

These power packs are the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor applications – outstanding handling performance at low operating costs

It does not matter whether for medium-heavy or intensive applications, the S-Series can be perfectly configured to your individual needs. It offers owners high productivity at an excellent total cost of ownership and operators the ultimate combination of ergonomics and safety.


The S-Series offers many features that are a real benefit for your company. We offer the following solutions:

  • Highly visible orange seat belt
  • Automatic neutral position of the driving direction if the belt buckle is not closed
  • Driving direction change on the mechanical hydraulic lever, on the steering column or, in the case of mini levers, on the armrest
  • Blue LED warning lights for both driving directions
  • Speed limiter for programming a fixed maximum speed
  • Audible, programmable reversing alarms and warnings
  • Container-compatible overhead guards


CLARK Forklifts are “Built to Last”

  • Wet Disc Brake
  • For up to 50 % less effort Maintenance-free
  • Strong braking effect even in wet or dusty environments
  • High residual load capacity
  • Up to 5.5 tonnes with 600 mm load centre
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Available with dual tyres that ensure safe transportation of wide loads
  • Robust CLARK mast construction
  • Nested mast profiles
  • 6-roller fork carriage as standard
  • Stable steering axle
  • Stable, vibration-free mounted steering axle
  • Transmission shift protection
  • Function to reduce the effects of gearshifts when driving fast
  • Prevents gearshifts (forward/ reverse) at high speeds


  • Extensive range of safety features

Numerous safety features underline the quality of the S-Series, as they not only ensure a safe and productive application, but also a low total cost of ownership.

  • Automatic parking brake

A manual or mechanical activation of the parking brake is not necessary. When leaving the parked forklift, the parking brake is activated automatically
When the brake is activated, a driving against the brake is not possible

  • Rollback protection

Unintentional rolling away or back is prevented

  • CLARK VMS system

When the function is activated, the tilt function of the upright stops automatically in vertical position

  • Load weight indication in the display

Informs the driver about the current load on the forks
Can be combined with other attachments

  • Adjustable maximum speeds

If needed, the maximum driving speed can be reduced constantly

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