Order Picker COP1

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Multifunctional order picker with working platform
Capacity: 226 kg

COP1 226 kg

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The COP1 multifunctional order picker is not only extremely efficient for picking goods, but also – thanks to the working platform that can be elevated – proves its worth as rolling ladder or operating platform.
The COP1 is the ideal helper in wholesale and retail, distribution and the food and beverage industry.
The COP1 is perfect for use in offices, hotels, museums, hospitals or in trade fair construction.
When used inside and on flat floors, the vehicle can be used to fill shelves, conduct inventory, decorate rooms, mount signs, replace lamps or complete cleaning and repair work.

The ideal solution for almost any application area

Whether for repair and maintenance work indoors on level floors or for lifting small parts to a gallery, the COP1 is the ideal helper. The vehicle is not only suitable for classic order picking, but also proves itself in filling shelves, conducting inventory, decorating rooms, mounting signs or boards, replacing lamps or completing cleaning and repair work.

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