Clark Forklift with diesel or LPG drive S40-55

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Unlock Efficiency and Safety: Introducing the CLARK S-Series Forklifts!

Elevate your material handling operations with the advanced features and unmatched quality of the CLARK S-Series forklifts. Designed to tackle any challenge with ease, our forklifts not only guarantee reliability but also enhance productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Smart Solutions: Experience a range of innovative features tailored to optimize your workflow:

  • Highly visible orange seat belt for enhanced safety.
  • Automatic neutral position of the driving direction if the belt buckle is not closed.
  • Convenient driving direction change options.
  • Blue LED warning lights for improved visibility.
  • Programmable speed limiter for precise control.
  • Audible, programmable reversing alarms and warnings.
  • Container-compatible overhead guards for versatile handling.

Built to Last: Benefit from durable construction and efficient performance:

  • Wet Disc Brake technology for up to 50% less effort and maintenance-free operation.
  • Strong braking effect even in challenging environments.
  • High residual load capacity for heavy-duty applications.
  • Stable steering axle design ensures smooth operation.
  • Transmission shift protection reduces gearshift impact at high speeds.

Extensive Safety Features: Our commitment to safety is evident in a wide range of features:

  • Automatic parking brake activation for added security.
  • Rollback protection prevents unintended movement.
  • CLARK VMS system ensures upright tilt stops automatically.
  • Load weight indication keeps drivers informed.
  • Adjustable maximum speeds for tailored performance.

Experience the perfect blend of intelligence, strength, and safety with the CLARK S-Series – setting the standard for excellence in material handling.

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