Electric stacker WSX12/14

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Pedestrian-operated machine
Capacity: 1200 / 1400 kg


WSX12 1200 kg
WSX14 1400 kg

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The CLARK pallet truck PPFXS20 with a capacity of 2,000 kg features an integrated platform with side walls and an electric power steering for intuitive and safe operation. A high degree of safety is also ensured by the automatic reduction of the driving speed in corners. The CLARK truck is the ideal vehicle for loading and unloading lorries, transporting loads over long distances and picking a wide range of goods.

Features and benefits

High travel speed

  • Speed of 12 km/h ensure a high degree of productivity

Powerful 24 V AC drive motors

  • Powerful acceleration and high speed even when fully loaded

Strong batteries

  • Long performance due to battery capacities of up to 375 Ah

Comfort and ergonomics

Power steering as a standard feature

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering proportional to the steering angle
  • Reduces centrifugal power affecting the driver

Compact design

  • Excellent view of the fork tips

Rounded fork tips

The rounded fork tips allow a quick threading into the pallet, thereby contributing to a high goods turnover.

Lateral battery replacement

The pallet truck is available with lateral battery replacement as standard. Fast and easy battery replacement via a roller bed ensures maximum truck uptime.

2.0 kW lift motor

The maintenance-free and enclosed 2.5 kW three-phase traction motor with a top speed of 12 km/h and the powerful 2.0 kW lift motor of the PPFXS20 ensure maximum efficiency when lifting and lowering loads.

Driver’s platform

The PPFXS20’s driver’s platform is fully suspended and guarantees vibration-free operation over long distances.


Ergonomic controls

The ergonomic controls can be used intuitively by both left-handed and right-handed people for fatigue-free operation. The electric power steering is particularly smooth and allows precise and safe manoeuvring even in confined spaces.

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