Electric stacker WS10M(i)

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Pedestrian-operated machine. Mono or standard upright. Capacity: 1000 kg


WS10M 1000 kg
WS10Mi 1000 kg

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Ideal for light applications or as a mobile work table

The WS10M and WS10Mi are the entry-level models in the high lift truck range. Ideal for transport over short distances or can also be used as a mobile work table. The mono-lift trucks have a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg. This makes the high-lift trucks ideal helpers in a wide range of applications. The WS10 with standard mast has a higher maximum lifting height of up to 3300 mm and can therefore also reach higher storage locations. All models in this series are suitable for light and occasional use. The WS10Mi is equipped with initial lift. This makes it excellent for use on uneven floors.

Low truck weight and compact

The compact design of this series enables it to be used in space-critical work areas as well as in very narrow aisles. Only a small amount of force is required to steer the manoeuvrable lift truck. This reduces the operator’s workload. Due to the low service weight and the resulting lower floor load, use on intermediate levels is also possible.

Version with initial lift

The WS10Mi with initial lift can be used safely and precisely on small ramps and uneven floors, e.g. on weighing equipment.


The tiller is suitable for left and right-handed operators and enables precise operation of all drive and lift functions. Due to the large field of vision provided by the mast profiles, the operator always has the forks and the load in view. The mono masts also provide a good view of the fork tips. This ensures precise positioning of the unit and fast and safe pick-up of loads.

In addition, the WS10 models have deep truck frames to protect the feet of anyone near the truck. The WS10 with standard mast also has a maximum travel speed that depends on the lift height.

Battery and charging technology

With maintenance-free block batteries and a built-in charger, the battery can be recharged at any 230-volt socket. This guarantees flexible and decentralised battery recharging. The truck display informs the operator about the battery charge status as well as the operating hours.

Ergonomic and safe tiller

  • Safe material handling
  • Intuitive controls
  • Suitable for left- and right-handers

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