Electric low lift pallet truck WPX20

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Pedestrian-operated machine
Capacity: 2000 kg


WPX20 2000 kg

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The WPX20 low lift pallet truck optimizes material flow with its AC drive technology and the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC). Due to its excellent maneuverability and easy control, the WPX20 is perfect for heavy loads up to 2,000 kg.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful and maintenance-free AC drive technology with 1.1 kW capacity
  • Stops automatically on slopes and ramps
  • Tiller swiveling over 180° for small turning radius
  • More safety via the CLARK SpeedControl system (CSC) which automatically adjusts the maximum travel speed depending on the tiller position

Comfort and ergonomics

  • Support rollers with suspension for highest degree of stability
  • Tandem load rollers as standard configuration
  • Convenient integration of all driving and lifting switches in the tiller
  • Battery discharge indicator in clearly visible position

Ergonomic and safe tiller

  • Simple and fast implementation of control commands
  • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when releasing the tiller

Automatic parking brake

  • Safe operation on slopes and ramps
  • Release of the automatic parking brake when driving switch is activated

CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)

  • Makes it easier to maneuver, in particular when operating the vehicle in smaller spaces
  • Depending on the tiller position, the maximum travel speed is adjusted automatically
  • In the Speed Control mode (S), the maximum travel speed is controlled; this ensures safe and swift positioning
  • If the tiller is in normal drive mode (K), maximum travel speed can be reached

All parameters can be customized as per the customer’s request.


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