Lithium-ion low lift pallet truck PPXsio20

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Capacity: 2000 kg

PPXsio20 2000 kg

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The PPXsio20 is designed for use on medium to long transport routes. Due to the foldable operator platform the truck can be used in confined spaces without any problems. The suspension of the stable stand-on platform offers the driver additional comfort. The automatic speed reduction during cornering ensures a high level of safety in curves. Battery charging is possible at every 230 Volt socket possible and makes the PPXsio20 a compact and flexible machine.


Intermediate charges can avoid downtimes for recharging. The LiIon battery thus ensures maximum availability. Even with long operating times – thanks to the INTERMEDIATE CHARGING FUNCTION – no battery change necessary. Seperate charging room nor ventilation systems are required, as the charging process generates no gases.

Comfort and ergonomics

Power steering as a standard feature (PPXS20)

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering proportional to the steering angle
  • Reduces centrifugal power affecting the driver

Compact design

  • Excellent view of the fork tips
  • Easy operation in narrow spaces in pedestrian-operated mode (6 km/h) with raised platform

Ergonomic and safe tiller

  • Simple and fast implementation of control commands
  • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when tiller is released.

Automatic parking brake

  • Safe operation on slopes and ramps
  • Automatic parking brake is released when driving switch is activated

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